Salty Crew

Salty Crew is a San Diego based brand that is quickly gaining attention from coast to coast!  The goal is to focus on the basics and get back to a time when surfing, fishing, diving and sailing was top priority!

The “About Us” statement on the Salty Crew website so perfectly sums up what they are about, we thought it would be best to share it in it’s entirety.


“There was a time in surfing, maybe you could call it surfing’s “golden age”, before it was cool. Before Gidget maybe. When Surfers were wild men, Expelled from society, probably by choice. They found the sea better than the society they had been cast out of. So they spent their lives out in the water. Nobody understood what they were doing out there. Maybe they didn’t understand it, but they knew they needed it. When the surf was flat they fished, or they dove, and when the wind picked up they sailed, but they never got out of the water. When they were in the water, they were living, everything else… well everything else was just waiting. This attitude seems to have disappeared in the surfing world, been lost somewhere along the way. The surfing culture has left the beach; its lost its salt, fizzled out and dried up somewhere inland. But still, whether they are weaving through the crowds of yuppies and yahoos at the beach, or off on the fringe, alone, finding refuge in the sea, there are still a few who choose to lead a lifestyle supported by the ocean… they choose to keep it Salty.”



Happy Lens

If you’re wondering if there is an easier way to get out of bed in the morning,

stay positive throughout the day and sleep better at night, the answer has arrived!

The Spy Happy Lens creates an incredible color enhancing and color contrasting experience!

The eye is really one of the most amazing organs you have in the body

because the rays that come in through your eyes can affect your mood,

can affect how you sleep, and can also affect when you have jet lag and things like that.

There are so many different things that happen with your eye that you don’t really think about, it’s not just about seeing.

So together they did some research, and ended up saying,

“why don’t we have a therapeutic lens that’s not just about seeing better, but again, is about feeling better.”

they worked together to form this lens to have a lens that blocks out all the bad rays

and have a polarizing filter, so it deflects glare, but also lets in all the good rays!


Gift cards!

Don’t know what size your niece /nephew wears?

Are you scared if you put together a skate board, your child wont like it?

Not sure what your daughters style is?

Instead of stressing over shopping, get a Benjamin’s gift card!


We have a bunch in stock!

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Toys For Tots



Benjamin’s is now proudly taking new and unwrapped toy donations for Toys For Tots at our Airline location!

The United States Marine Corps Reserve helps less fortunate kids experience Christmas. It also helps deliver a message to the youth about staying responsible, productive and patriotic citizens. Let’s help Toys For Tots, our youth and our community to achieve the joy of this holiday season.

Small Business Saturday

small_business_saturdayThe story of America is written in every small business. It’s written in the cafes where we meet our first loves. And in the surf/skate shops that put a kid on a board to explore the world and keep them active! Today is Small Business Saturday – a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities.  Please join  us and organizations across the country in supporting your local small business by shopping at a small business. To show our support, all Benjamin’s hats and apparel are buy one get one free!! Today only!s written in the cafes where we 

Black friday sales start NOW!


Why wait till friday when you have all week to start on your shopping?

We have started our black friday sales today!

sales include:

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