Benjamin’s Art Show: Artist Close Up

John Olvey – Art of Surf


John Olvey (above) is a life long lover of the ocean, the beach and all things saltwater.  From his first exposure of surfing on rubber and canvas surf mats rented by his parents at the local beaches in Galveston, Texas to his 40 year competitive surfing career, John has developed his own unique style and approach to surfing and to the creation of art.

Adam Johnson

Born 1979, American Artist, b. Fort Worth, TX.  Adam Johnson has always had an interest in art from the very beginning. At the age of fifteen he moved from Fort Worth to Port Aransas, TX. Then at seventeen he went to The Art Institute of Houston where he studied computer animation and traditional art. Mr. Johnson’s art subjects include surfing, oceanscapes, landscapes, and nature. He works in acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, pencil, and photography. He currently resides and works on the gulf coast in Ingleside, TX.


 Benjamin Munoz – Hugs Artwork



Benjamin Munoz of Hugs Artwork, “I got into art through graffiti, I was a avid graffiti artist up until around 2012. My art has kind of moved more into canvases with brushes and more interior work. I still visit graffiti now and again but I focus mainly on what most would call street art now I suppose.”

“My art is about me I suppose. I paint stuff that displays my views on everyday things. most of the characters that I paint have back story’s attached to them. I have always been attracted to art but what attracts me to street art the most is that I can say what I want about whatever I want and people have to see it. They have to listen. Art is a voice for the people who feel like they don’t have one.”

Joy Bailey



Joy Bailey
Music and Photography are two of her favorite things. She has been taking pictures since she was a kid and her first real job was developing black and white photos for a local studio in Twenty-Nine Palms, California. With digital photography her darkroom is called Lightroom and her editing tools are in Photoshop. She loves playing with all the tools she can find to create art as well as just taking the best concert photos she can.

Tommy Flores – Thumbs Art


Tommy  (Thumbs) Flores became involved with art at an early age. More recently, he’s notable for his contributions to the monthly annual Corpus Christi Art Walk. Tommy offers affordable and original art pieces at a fair price. His humor filled skateboard/cartoon themes are sure to give you a smile at first glance!




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