14 thoughts on “Doing Phone Orders & Curbside!”

  1. i would like to buy a good skateboard for a ten year old, 5’5″ tall. He will be using it on the streets and driveway. Prefer a 7.5 width . Would a hard duro 90A+ be a good choice. I would like to buy the skateboard today. You can also text me at 361-779-2213 or e-mail. can you send me a few pictures so he can choose which one he would prefer.

  2. Hi Joe,
    Just sent you an email with pictures of what we have. Please call us if you have any questions or would like to purchase one. 361-993-2520

  3. Hi there. I would like to purchase a long sleeve one-piece swim suit for a 6-7 year old girl. I believe the ones you carried last year were Billabong. Could you please text or call me at 361-658-3626?

    Thank you,


  4. Me and my sister are wanting to purchase two skateboards one that is a 7.5in and the other one being an 8in that are already made. How much would that cost also ? preferably with them being not the most expensive unless they all run at the same prices

  5. We only have 3 left and they start at 99.95. Two 7.6 and one 7.5. Call to order and pick up 361-993-2520

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