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Duvin Design Company was started by four lifetime friends in the name of radness. You could call them a surf lifestyle brand but that would be boring. they are based in Florida and manufacture the majority of their line in California. Duvin is currently placed in 50+ top tier retail doors around the nation as well as stores in Australia, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

The brand originally got its start in the form of the Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang. A group that has been quietly regulating the lineups around the peninsula for years. The majority of people assume that the group is a myth, created to scare people away from the beaches. We cannot comment.

Their main goal is to put super radical designs on the softest materials they can find. All in search of the perfect combination of “oh thats super clean” and “holy sh*t wtf.”  At the end of the day they are creating all of this for you. They want you to be the jelly of their shirt sandwich.

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