New Z-flex boards are here!!!


Equipped with 63mm Z-Smooth Wheels, 125mm trucks, 87A soft cushions and Abec 7 bearings- this 7.5″ x 29.25″LBC deck gets you where you’re going just like Jay Adams cruising the streets of Dogtown.


Skating pools, cruising the neighbourhood, and exploring new territory has been the ethos of Z-Flex since 1976. This ‘Motel Pool’ board is a gateway to exploration and freedom. With the traditional size of 7.5″ x 29.25″, this cruiser comes with 63mm Z-Smooth Wheels, 125mm rough polished trucks, 87A soft cushions, 14mm riser blocks and Abec 7 bearings.


A longboard with a little more pop, this black and yellow Kicktail Longboard comes in at 9.25″ x 38″ with a 24″ wheelbase. It’s complete with 69mm 78A Z-Smooth wheels, 180mm reverse powder coated trucks, and those speedy Abec 7 bearings. Add a little more kick to your day with this simple yet bold board.


An update to a classic staple from the longboard offering. The All White Pintail now featuring stealth looking Black wheels for a simple and classic look. This longboard is perfect for checking the surf, bombing hills or cruising with friends. It’s staple shape of 9″ x 38″ is covered with a simple surf friendly graphic with veneer tones coming through. SPECS: Width: 9″ Length: 38″ Wheelbase: 27.25″ 69MM 78A Z-Smooth Wheels 180mm Reverse powder-coated trucks Abec 7 bearings

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