Olukai Sandals


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Every product olukai make must offer style, durability, and comfort from heel to toe. They pay close attention to every element of design, starting with the use of custom-made lasts and anatomical footbeds to ensure superior fit. Premium materials are carefully selected to be beautiful, durable, and soft against your skin. Handcrafted details honor island culture with authentic artwork. And they back all their footwear with the peace of mind of a 1-year guarantee. Behind every pair is this commitment to quality for those who wear them and those who craft them.

One Step Inspired It AllThe Wet Sand Principle. A bare foot sinks slowly into wet sand. All at once it cups the heel and fills the arch while the toes splay out. Inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet sand, we build our footwear with anatomically contoured footbeds to deliver the perfect balance of instant comfort and lasting support.

You’ll find these contoured footbeds in every product they make. From water-friendly sandals to beach town shoes to upcountry boots, their footwear is designed to deliver unparalleled comfort from the ground up.


To minimize side-to-side movement, thei r heel cup cradles the foot, providing stability and natural shock absorption.


The strength of the foot is in the arch, and their anatomical arch support system provides all of the comfort and support that your feet deserve.


With room to move, their generous toe box allows your toes to spread and move naturally.