🎅🏼 8 Days of Bens-Mas: Day 2 & 3🎅🏼

🎶 on the 2nd day of Christmas my surf shop gave to me, a super cute Lotus & Luna scrunchie! 🎶
More stocking stuffer ideas! Lotus and Luna had the best scrunchie, bracelets, and more accessories perfect for this holiday season!
🎶 on the 3rd day of Christmas my surf shop gave to me: some Futures Fins and a new Sympl Leash! 🎶
We’ve got your surfer covered this holiday season! Leashes, Fins and more surf accessories available at the shop!

8 Days of Ben’s-Mas: Day 1

🎅🏼 8 days of Ben’s-mas: Day 1 🎅🏼
🎶On the 8th day of Christmas my surf shop gave to me a purple tie-dye Ben’s koozie!🎶
We’ve got your locals covered this Christmas, stuff your stocking with some Benjamin’s goodies! 

“Left Astray”

In search of the perfect wave, Josie Prendergast and Jaleesa Vincent ventured off the beaten path. Others have wandered only to find calm seas. At the edge of a cliff in the middle of a desert… there it was. The longest left in the world.

This video was created for those who cannot be contained… who were born to venture off the beaten path, who feel most like themselves when led astray into the unknown.