Happy Lens

If you’re wondering if there is an easier way to get out of bed in the morning,

stay positive throughout the day and sleep better at night, the answer has arrived!

The Spy Happy Lens creates an incredible color enhancing and color contrasting experience!

The eye is really one of the most amazing organs you have in the body

because the rays that come in through your eyes can affect your mood,

can affect how you sleep, and can also affect when you have jet lag and things like that.

There are so many different things that happen with your eye that you don’t really think about, it’s not just about seeing.

So together they did some research, and ended up saying,

“why don’t we have a therapeutic lens that’s not just about seeing better, but again, is about feeling better.”

they worked together to form this lens to have a lens that blocks out all the bad rays

and have a polarizing filter, so it deflects glare, but also lets in all the good rays!


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