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Hari Mari’s clean aesthetics, design- forward approach and “ahhh” -inducing feel are driven by a commitment to simplicity, color & comfort, making THE flip flop for flip flop enthusiasts… and helping a lot of brave kids along the way. Founded in 2012, Hari Mari’s roots were born out of a futile search for signs of color & comfort in a sea of black and brown, and decidedly “blah” flip flop, mostly uncomfortable and blister-inducing in feel. Fusing practical color combinations with premium materials and comfort-inducing construction methods like our patent-pending Memory Foam Toe Post™, Hari Mari launched & immediately set itself apart from the crowd. Wanting to do more than just create a great flip flop and stunned to learn that pediatric cancer is the most fatal disease among American children – more fatal than almost all other childhood diseases combined – Hari Mari set out to help.

Hari Mari’s commitment now sees $3 from every pair sold going to support kids battling cancer. It’s called Flops Fighting Cancer.


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