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Quintsoul. It’s a spirit that runs free, a never-ending horizon where earth meets sky meets water. It’s a second skin that responds to your every move as you dive into new pleasures. It’s a moment in time that’s all yours. It’s a feeling that beckons you towards the sun’s warm embrace, a gentle breeze, the sand between your toes, and the dancing waves that want you to play. It’s the comfort you pull over your head on crisp fall mornings and what envelopes you as you fill your lungs with the crisp taste of rejuvenating winter air. Add a small overnight bag and your close friends, and you’re set for a getaway full of memories as rich and vibrant as the garments of Quintsoul.


When clothing becomes one with the body, it truly sets the spirit free. Created for life at its best, Quintsoul is the perfect attire to jump into newfound adventures. Feel energized yet carefree with feminine, infinitely cool looks, meticulous cuts and fantastic price-points. These are the elements that put Quintsoul top of mind when packing a weekender bag or carry-on for a flight to anywhere.

Quintsoul creations are an authentic second skin for the woman who’s active and playful, elegant and natural, dynamic and multidimensional.

  • First is their Pink label, for the spirited teen who feels every sensation to her core;
  • Next comes White, designed for the vibrant young woman who’s always at the heart of the action;
  • Gold is the line of choice for the accomplished, free-thinking, passionately active woman;
  • And finally, the Essentials collection has been created to enrich each of life’s phases and to be mixed and matched with prints to accentuate the body.


Like you, Quintsoul believes in life’s simple pleasures and unexpected adventures. Time spent outdoors, dreaming of long summer days at the beach and being one with nature in total harmony is engrained in your DNA. Womanhood is, after all, the ultimate journey.

Quintsoul accompanies you every step of that journey, expressing yourself, celebrating spontaneity and remaining true to who you are — a lively, impassioned individual.

How do we do it? By adorning your life with bold prints, colours that pop and details that celebrate femininity. By seeking out fabrics and producing designs that complement your body. By offering detailed nuances to balance your skin tone. By creating styles that feed your desires. Quintsoul is clothing that remains in sync with you as you travel the road of life.


Each and every one of our dazzling designs is crafted out of painstaking pattern work, multiple fittings and the most discerning eye for the smallest details. This is why each piece in the Quintsoul collection creates an immediate statement, enhancing the natural beauty of the woman’s body. Our distinctive prints and catchy colours always make people happy. Premium materials and nuanced elements of beads, lace and cohesive trim combine for flawless production. This means all of Quintsoul’s lines offer versatile styles fit for striking fashion just as much as for everyday function. Affordable price points bring peace of mind and the knowledge of getting good value on a quality garment. Ultimately, it means enjoying yourself with sheer delight when slipping into this second skin.


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