Wayuu Tribe bags and bracelets (click for more)

These one of a kind hand-made bags have found there way into the fashion world!
Mochila boho bags are woven by two strands of thread, taking 14-20 days to complete.
The braided straps have their own unique design and detail!

Their story:

While backpacking through South America, California-born sister and brother, Jessica and David, discovered the Wayuu (pronounced “Wah-You”) people, an indigenous tribe inhabiting the protected desert land along the border of Venezuela and Colombia.  After spending some time with the Wayuu people, Jessica and David realized they wanted to share the beauty of the tribe’s culture and tradition on a larger platform.  In 2013, they created “Wayuu Tribe” in an effort to communicate the significance and value of cultures from around the world, while providing economic support for indigenous people.  They continue to work directly with the Wayuu in South America in order to broaden their reach across the globe.

The Tribe With Us Initiative We here at Wayuu Tribe strongly believe in giving back to the indigenous Wayuu communities.  In addition to being Fair Trade, Wayuu Tribe is committed to selling only 100% authentic goods.

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